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60% or more international students this year will get rejected for their first credit card by American banks. For the simple fact that you, international student do not have credit history in the US and your credit history from back home does not transfer over. So in effect, even a year after you’ve been in the US you are completely unknown to the American financial system that has no record of you. Even though you are paying your loans and expenses. You only learn this in your second year of grad school when it is almost too late to start thinking about how to build credit history. In some cases banks might offer you a ‘secured credit card’ , but you need to put cash down in deposit. All of the above makes no sense to you, an international student who have taken on huge loans to study are cash poor at the moment even though you have great employment potential.


We were international students once, we know all of these frustrations first hand. The founder went through exactly what you are going through today and decided that there has to be a better way for international students moving to the US for graduate school to assimilate into the American financial system.
So coming back to the first sentence : 60% or more international students this year will get rejected for their first credit card but not at SavingsWize.


We know to look beyond credit history to determine your true financial worth. Our goal is your financial success in the US without the frustration.

Mridula Palat

Founder & CEO

Mridula is in charge of the marketing/growth as well as the finance and the business development

She graduated from the Masters in Global Business Strategy at Columbia University (NY). Once graduated, she worked at the United Nations Secreteriat at New York for several years before getting a Director of Sales position at RSG Media. After that, launched in 2014 a strategy consulting company (ELTEM)

Steve Perez

Co-Founder & COO

Steve is in charge of the partners echosystem as well as the business strategy

He graduated from Columbia University (NY). He worked many years for major consulting companies in US (Deloitte, Booz Allen, JPMorgan). He specialized in digital strategy and has a Vice President position at Wells Fargo Digital

El Mehdi Ouzgane

Co-Founder & CTO

El Mehdi is in charge of the product strategy and development as well as the security

He has a Masters Degree in IT architecture from the National Institute of Sciences and Technology (INSA, France) and the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH, Sweden).

He worked several years as an IT consultant for major European Banks but also as a Tech Lead in startups before joining SavingsWize as a CTO

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